Friday, December 25, 2009

Hard to Create Easy to Put Down

The snow in Utah sucks. I am going to have to travel so I can find some good moguls. All the moguls are small here. I like the big moguls they are so much easier than the small ones. Small moguls you have to turn fast to keep a straight line I wobble the board to skip tough the bumps. For the HATERS out there. I am Christopher Columbus you are just a pilgrim. I have respect for anyone that does the moguls. The biggest problem you all have is you ride to high on your board. I have to teach you over how to stay low. If you don't stay low you will blow out your knee. Mogul are easy I have more control over my board in the bumps than on the groomers or trails. I have spent 20 years on a snowboard before they had lessons I was boarding I had a board when they would not allow them in the resort. I picked up by trial and error I was with AASI and was a teacher I can board their way but they can not board my way. Do I have any challengers I want someone who can give me a run for my money is that you. I will sponsor who ever can beat me. End of Story