Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can't Sleep

I am number #1 in the world. No one comes close. It is lonely on top. You want to scream at the top of your lungs. But no one will hear you. Sometimes I wonder why God gave me this gift and no one to share it with. Does God hate me? I want to change the world. I have lost everything but I have always given up a little to gain a lot. I push myself to the limit and beyond. All for what for someone to say well you are only 1% of the snowboarding industry. No one can do what you can do. That is why I made this site is to teach the world how. But it is like no one cares to listen. Wasn't the Olympic focus on that 1% isn't that why we have the Olympics’ to share that 1% of talent that no one else can do. They are so corrupt Olympics’ and X-Games are only for that dollar not for true talent. I have been screwed out of two Olympic gold Medals and in 2010 I will be screwed out of a 3rd. I always told myself God sent me here to teach people but before I can do that I have to learn how to learn. Then I can teach and learn more. But I guess that greed is more important than knowledge. Every one asks me why I don't talk about level C? That is because no one is ready for it. But since I cannot sleep I will tell you to get it off my mind. There is 1 sometimes 2 sweet spots on every mogul run that is why I will always win. I know what to look for. You look at a mogul run all you see is bumps I draw lines and find the quickest way down. It is called the sweet spot. If you notice sometimes I leave the sweet spot but go right back to it. Think of it this way you have a shell necklace all the shells are in a row to going into bottom but when you put the shells tougher it make a sweet spot on that circle. If you don't know what to look for you will never find it. Hopefully when I am gone I will leave enough behind for someone to follow. I started with nothing and had to pay the price. I have the greatest respect for thoughts who try the moguls. I am passing my knowledge on so you will not have to go through as much pain as I have had. I am not saying you won't have any pain but I will make it easier for you to do. I took the ball and ran with it now it is up to you to take it further. I want you to be better than me the only challenges I have with condition are skiers they keep me on my toes. Well I guess I can sleep. Later and Good luck with that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

kiosk at the Mall

They want $10,000.00 dollars for a kiosk for nov and dec so that is out. I am thinking about making hockey jerseys of mogul snowboarding. If you have any suggestions or know of any stores that would sell our products that would be cool. We are still waiting for our catalog. I have found models and Michelle is a pro photograher we just need to set a date and do it. If you want to model let me know. I will always put your picture up under photos if you are wearing Mogul Snowboarding Gear. Keep rockin it. Sport our colors. We are growing thanks to all of you.
Carl Jones